Product Description
Cambinet AHU

Cambinet AHU

Product Description

Product Application

●  The packaged type multifunctional air handling unit, to meet the heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, sterilization, dust and other air purification requirements, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, textile, chemical fiber, precision machinery, hospitals, clean workshop etc. places, but also suitable for commercial buildings, theaters, hotels, office buildings and other public buildings

   Production characteristics

●  Coil performance to meet the relevant standards of ARI 410

●  The box body is tested by 2500Pa  bearing capacity

●  The air leakage rate can reach the European standard EN1886:2006L1

●  The whole intensity can reach the European standard EN1886:2006L1

●  Insulation performance  can reach the European standard EN1886:2006TB1

●  Optional the spare fan and motor, to ensure the unit uninterrupted operation

●  Can meet the stringent requirements of industrial applications

●  High precision indoor air temperature and humidity control, precise indoor air volume and pressure control

●  Optional a variety of professional energy recovery components (rotary wheel, plate fin, heat pipe type, circular coil type)

●  Optional different level filters, UV lamp, photocatalyst, activated carbon, effectively purify air

●  Set the filter differential pressure alarm, motor overload, humidifier overload protection and temperature and humidity overrun alarm function to ensure the unit running stable

●  Optional different forms of control devices, to realize automatic control functions from simple to complex.