Product Description


Product Description

Product Application

●  Unit miniaturization design, reduce the height of the installation site and space constraints,aimed at small office buildings, shopping centers, factories, schools, hotels and other places designed the most ideal air handling unit

  Production characteristics

●  Ultra thin case, small size, light weight, easy maintenance

●  15mm PE thick insulation inside, to prevent coil condensation

●  Adopt 1 "and 4" washable the plate filter, remove the filter in a multi direction, easy to maintain and repair

●  Done the 2.5Mpa (363psl) of the strength and leakage test in factory, performance in line with the ARI410 standard

●  Adopt passed by AMACA certification fans

●  Computer program selection upon simulate the operating conditions, to provide accurate heat transfer capacity

●  Optional the wet membrane humidifier, 1 or 2 hot water coil, auxiliary electric heating , stainless steel water tray,large temperature difference coil and other configuration.