Product Description
Floor Standing Type FCU

Floor Standing Type FCU

Product Description

Stable Running

●  The forward multi blade centrifugal fan, stable operation

●  Motor with permanent lubrication closed bearing, rotating smooth

   Air volume : 210~1470CFM

   High efficiency low noise

●  Adopt small tubular coil + hydrophilic membrane window piece + ultra wide air blade fans, to enhance the efficiency of heat transfer

●  Heat exchanger tube reverse design, better heat transfer effect

●  Box body noise reduction design

   Optional 3~4 rows and 3+1 four pipe control unit, suitable for large temperature difference heat transfer system

   Thermal insulation

●  Adopt the integral condensation water tray, no leakage

●  Adopt high density insulation materials to enhance the insulation performance

   Full consideration of cleaning, replacing parts conveniently, the unit can be simple to remove the fan motor components

   Water inlet and outlet using a hexagon design, you can use a multi angle wrench, to connect the water pipes convinently

   Optional luxury thermostat, beautiful appearance

   Optional provided two / three electric water valve, easy to install