Product Description


Product Description

Energy saving

●  Change the traditional motor efficiency upon less than 40% current situation, the energy conversion rate can reach more than 80%

●  Adopt PI calculation program, adjust the motor speed to achieve the accuracy of 1rpm

●  Automatic energy saving control mode to reduce unnecessary energy loss

●  Motor speed regulation range 15%-100%, precision matching the different conditions the using load


●  Ultra high frequency motor drive technology, beyond the frequency range of the human ear perception

●  The fan sleeve patent technology, reduce the turning vibration

●  Unique ultra low speed settings

   Comfortable and safe

●  To ensure the indoor temperature fluctuation is controlled at±0.5℃

●  Unique temperature measurement methods, to eliminate the influence of outdoor environment on the indoor temperature

●  Equipped with a professional UV disinfection lamp, remove the bacteria in the air

●  No use carbon brush, to prevent pollution of carbon dust in the air

   Control function

●  Intimate schedule control

●  Over 10000 networked control functions, easy access to BA system

●  Before leaving the factory to complete more set to reduce the workload in site