Product Description
Air Cooled Heat Pump      (Screw)

Air Cooled Heat Pump      (Screw)

Product Description

●  Adopt  the latest environmentally friendly refrigerants, in line with the European environmental protection standards

●  Widen application areasin ambient temperature  minus 15℃~45℃ can work normally

●  Many kinds of power supply system as options

●  Cooling onlyheat pumpheating only and other many functions as options.

●  Optional part /total of the heat recovery function,can provide free and stable 55℃ hot water

●  High efficiency inverter compressor as option

●  ECO energy saving device, energy consumption is reduced by 8.3%

●  Adopt the heat exchanger with patented technology

●  Shell corrosion, suitable for island, coastal and other high salt areas and other corrosive air environment

●  Mute design, reduce noise pollution