Product Description
Cabinet CT&H

Cabinet CT&H

Product Description

Product Application

●  Water cooled unit is packaged structure, can be installed indoor or special room (using duct air supply)

●  The air cooled type unit split type,is composed an outdoor and an indoor unit, adopt direct expansion system,installation more flexible

●  Widely used in pharmaceutical, hospital, communication center, computer room, laboratory, printing and dyeing, electrical and electronics, etc.

  Production characteristics

●  Adopt the latest environmentally friendly refrigerants, in line with the European environmental protection standards

●  Many kinds of power supply system as options

●  Splicing type structure, convenient installation, easy maintenance

●  Adopt industrial grade controller + high precision sensor, temperature control accuracy ± 0.5℃ , humidity control accuracy ±5%

●  Adopt a variety of ways to air supply, direct air supply or duct air supply

●  8 kinds safety protection functions, automatic detection, fault analysis function

●  Optional intelligent network centralized control system, can control 32 sets equipment at the same time.