Product Description
100% Fresh Air AHU       (Modular)

100% Fresh Air AHU       (Modular)

Product Description

Product Application

●  The unit comes with cooling and heating, the outdoor fresh air temperature is adjusted near to the indoor temperature then the preliminary purification to the indoor, not only reduces the energy loss caused by outdoor air input, but also improves the comfort indoor air, widely used in commercial office buildings, high-end residential, restaurants, hospitals, banks, shopping malls and other places

  Production characteristics

●  Adopt the latest environmentally friendly refrigerants, in line with the European environmental protection standards

●  Widen application areasin ambient temperature  minus 15℃~45℃ can work normally

●  Many kinds of power supply system as options

●  Outdoor unit adopt modular assembly, the start of the implementation of the classification start, reduce the impact on the use of electrical equipment

●  Indoor unit adopts high static pressure design, can realize long distance air supply

●  Indoor unit adopts high efficiency and low noise centrifugal fan, low noise design

●  Optional different grade of filter device

●  Adopt LCD controler, selection of the centralized control system, connected with the control center through the ModBus protocol

●  Shell corrosion, suitable for island, coastal and other high salt areas and other corrosive air environment.