Cold Load Estimation of Ordinary Buildings


General Building Cooling Load Estimation Index(W/㎡)
ItemBuilding TypePerson/㎡Building    loadBody   loadLight loadfresh air volume(m³/Person*h)fresh air loadTotal load
1Tourist hotel: guest room0.063607205027114
3western restaurant0.540841725136277
4Chinese restaurant0.67351162025190360
5The banquet hall0.8301343025216410
6Middle hall, reception room0.139017601824191
7Small meeting room0.336043402592235
8big meeting room0.6740884025190358
9Barber and beauty0.255041502567208
10Gym, bowling0.235872060130272
11A billiard room0.23546303065176
12Chess and card room0.0535634025136274
15Shop, canteen0.24031401840151
16Scientific research,office building0.24028402043151
17Shopping mall: one-layer1351604012130365
18two layer0.83351284012104307
19Three layer and three layer above0.54080401265225
20The theater audience230228158174447
22Makeup room0.254035502055180
23Gymnasium (grandstand)0.43565401565205
24Audience Lounge0.57027.5204086203
25VIP room0.135817305068173
26Library: reading room0.15014302527121
27Exhibition room0.255831202568177
28Auditorium: report hall0.535584025136269
29Apartment, residence0.17014205054158
30Hospital: Advanced ward110
31General operation room150
32Clean operation room300
33X light, CT, B ultrasound150

Note:Try to use these parameters when the structure of the relatively simple building ,so as to be able to know the air conditioning load demand of the building.

The above parameters are based on the outdoor  temperature 32-38 ℃, humidity is 55-60%,calaculated for the general urban construction.