Lack of Emission Reduction ,the surface temperature near 8 ℃ at the end of this century


Released by the University of Edinburgh, UK research results pointed out that if countries do not take effective action to address climate change,the end of this century, the global surface temperature will nearly 8 ℃ higher than at the start of the 1750 western industrial revolution.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh developed a set of calculation methods based on historical temperature and carbon emissions data to analyze the key factors influencing climate change, and to assess the impact of these factors on the temperature. Researchers believe that this new evaluation method is more direct and clear than the previous calculation methods used.

The results showed that assumes that countries do not take any measures to address climate change, let the carbon emissions continue to rise, is expected by the end of this century, the global land surface temperature is expected 7.9 ℃ higher than the level of 1750, sea surface temperature increase will reach 3.6℃.

According to British media reports, the past 10 years, the global temperature increases in some years there are signs of slowing down, there are arguments to this question the global climate warming forecast.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh, said on climate change impact assessment result difference is very big, but a very clear fact is global should be as soon as possible to take effective action to address climate change, in order to reduce its negative effects.