2015 European AC Market Grew 6%


Europe's overall AC market in 2015 increased by 6 than last year.  

At the end of June from Southern Europe to France, Britain, Germany and other Regions in hot weather.  Spain's central and western regions, the temperature reached 40℃ for several days. Italy over 35℃above the high temperature weather for a long time. The temperature in Eastern Europe is not high.

The main market is very active, Spain, France and Italy market growth is very good. However, Russia, Eastern European countries are very depressed.

The mainstream products, mainly in southern Europe, become cheap frequency machine market. UK and Ireland in order to save energy and high efficiency models based. New office buildings and residential heat insulation performance is increased, making the heat load decreases, the need for air conditioning cooling capacity than ever before.


July 2015 to August, two consecutive months high temperature is about 35℃ of , making the mainstream manufacturers of inventory has been a great release. Spain home air conditioner market grew by more than 25% over the previous year.

VRF products than last year increased by about 5%. Fujitsu is Spain's home air conditioner market share in the first place. As Spain's economy improves, as well as Panasonic's strengthening of the VRF business in europe.


Domestic air conditioning increased by 25%. Since July consecutive summer heat. Since last year, many consumers do not purchase cool summer use air conditioning for a year, increased demand for updates. Italy's economy began to improve, the store commercial air-conditioning growth is very good, up 24% over last year.


France's domestic air conditioning market size of about 370 thousand units, an increase of 8% over than the previous year.

Small shops and small office with the demand for more VRF updates, an increase of 15% over the previous year, has reached about 17000 units. France's miniVRF product sales is very large, from 6hp to 10 of the MiniVRF products to account for 50% of the total VRF.


Hot summer boosted the German home air conditioner market, an increase of 8%. No wind pipe and a wind pipe of these two types of shops demand for air conditioning is very good, VRF and last year the same smooth, increase the miniVRF, but price competition fierce. In terms of energy saving, the outdoor machine for residential noise requirements are very strict.