◆ELAN own a professional, rich experience technical team, with three more than 10 years of business registered engineers in providing high-quality standard products, also can according to the user requirements design and  customized products, to better meet the user's needs.

ELAN and the Canadian ABP-TEC company industrial refrigeration products project department jointly established, joint research and development, production in line with North America, the EU standard industrial chillers, low temperature refrigeration equipment and for the field of industrial customers provide customized products.

ELAN and HVAC Mech Pro Limited in UK jointly established water source heat pump project department, joint R&D, production for the global water source heat pump products, and continuous upgrading of products, to meet the needs of different users in different areas.

ELAN has three central air conditioning technology patents,one industrial chiller technology patents, through the application of new technologies, and continuously improve the efficiency and reliability of the product.

Selection & Design

ELAN has a professional design and selection software to ensure the user's project needs and product design accuracy.

Product selection matching

According to the user's project requirements for product design, eg.: colding load, heating load, temperature control, humidity control, air volume, water consumption demand, electricity load, etc.

Engineering application design

We have a professional application engineer, can provide application design according to the users' site conditions( providing recommendations application design) including recommend the most suitable products and provide ancillary equipment selection, determine the best installation methad etc.

Tech. Support

ELAN provide professional, comprehensive technical support services (covering planning,design,installation, operation).

Assist the user to carry on the product and project matching analysis.

Recommendations for the selection of products and specifications.

According to the user actualsituation to give reasonable project solution.

To guide the user to install and debug.

Responsible for project and product application training.